About us

Lumiere Radiant Jewelry Corp has been founded since 1969 with the goal of bringing beautiful and hand picked jewelry from around the Philippines at straight low prices every day. We do not believe in deceptive and illusionary discount gimmicks on already inflated prices that you will see at the mall and high prices stores.  We believe that a savvy consumer of today knows that deceptive huge sale and high discounts like to 70% to 80% off can come only with inflated prices. At Lumiere Radiant Jewelry, you will only find great jewelry at great prices. That 's why our loyal customers continue to believe in us with a high loyalty rate. 

We Run a Low Cost Operation

We do not incur heavy advertising or jewelry showcasing expenditures in a flashy store at a main street so we do not have those expenditures to pass on to you. That's the beauty and advantage of an internet store. Your order will come to your door in an no-frills but attractive packaging to save avoidable costs. Every order comes with a certificate of authenticity. All you will get is beautiful jewelry with a great value that you will love because that's what you want and a satisfied and happy customer is what we want!
We hope you will try our designs and join the Lumiere Radiant Jewelry community soon.

Lumiere Radiant Jewelry Values

Lumiere Radiant Jewelry was founded to deliver exclusive jewelry designs at the most affordable prices with the ease and pleasure in your shopping experience. Our team is committed to the following set of values.
Jewelry Like No Other - You will find a lot of jewelry elsewhere, but the Lumiere Radiant Jewelry are like no other. Our designers are unique just as their designs are. We take pride in their uniqueness. Our designs are individually handcrafted and brought to you directly from the manufacturing facilities. Some of such handcrafting skills are passed on to the artisans from generations before them and their beauty and uniqueness are a testimony to the time-honored art of skillful handcrafting and polishing. Our diamond jewelry is manufactured with the highest standards and each diamond is graded according to the strictest standards set by the GIA, AGS and other institutions.

Our Mission

Our mission is simple. It is to succeed by delivering exclusive and quality jewelry designs at the lowest possible prices and with a superior customer service. We began with the goal of providing an alternative to the current choices for our customers
We provide a better alternative of buying beautiful jewelry at straight low prices that is delivered directly to your door when you want it. No overheads passed on to you of expensive advertising and no high mark ups included in the price for multiple middlemen in the supply chain.

Lumiere Radiant Jewelry makes every effort to provide you with the information you need to make a jewelry purchase with confidence. We have expertise in various aspects of jewelry and our consultants & experts have years of experience. We have compiled this useful information about diamonds, gemstones and precious metals with their history, facts, myths and all aspects of jewelry buying to help you make a sound decision.
We want you to be confident about your purchase and we hope that you will find information throughout these pages useful and helpful in making your decision. We believe the more you will know about jewelry, the better you can appreciate the quality and overall value of the jewelry we have to offer!

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