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Welcome to Loose Diamonds Philippines this website aims to guide you through the basics of purchasing loose diamonds and arm you with all of the information you need to choose the perfect diamond for your special someone. The articles you'll find here are a wealth of information and well-researched material that will educate potential diamond buyers on everything they need to know before they open their wallets.

First and foremost, you'll learn about the extensive history behind the diamond and how it came to be revered among jewelry connoisseurs everywhere. You’ll also be informed about the diamond grading process which includes cut, clarity, color and carat weight. If you’ve never understood the difference between various diamond shapes and cuts, you will now with our informative articles detailing the oval diamond to the marquise and everything in between.

Diamond grading certificates are also essential when purchasing loose diamonds, and our guide enables potential buyers to learn to distinguish between the different types of certificates and why you should receive one. You’ll also become educated on the basics of diamond appraisal and when it might be a good idea as a customer to purchase one. Diamond care is covered extensively throughout our guide so you’ll be aware of the proper way to care for your investment. If that wasn't enough, fancy colored loose diamonds and the history behind them are presented to you on our website in easy to understand articles for your reading pleasure. 

We've also presented to you information about the process of diamond cutting, as well as what happens to your diamond from the time it's obtained from the mine to the final product.Whether you're a budding loose diamond enthusiast or just want to brush up on your expertise, our website has compiled the most extensive research you can find on the information you need to know before investing in loose diamonds.

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